What is Social Value?

"Social value means enriched lives and a fairer society for all. 

Government believes that social value flows from thriving communities. These are communities with strong financial, physical and natural resources and strong connections between people. This includes public funding, private investment, buildings and other spaces for communities to use. It also includes trust, goodwill and the organisations and partnerships that bring people together. Civil Society refers to all individuals and organisations when undertaking activities with the primary purpose of delivering social value independent of state control..." Click here to read more about the Civil Society Strategy

What is the Public Services (Social Value) Act?

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 came into effect in January 2013 and requires all public bodies in England and Wales to consider at the pre-procurement stage:

"how what is proposed to be procured might improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the relevant area."

"how in conducting the process of procurement it might act with a view to securing that improvement."

What is the Surrey Social Value Marketplace?

The Surrey Social Value Marketplace is a free online resource that has been co-designed by public, private and social sector organisations. It builds on the five foundations of social value that contribute to thriving communities and increases social value (enriched lives and social justice).


How does the Surrey Social Value Marketplace work?

The Surrey Social Value Marketplace matches local needs with social value opportunities. Once registered, VCFS organisations based in the county can request resources, and businesses that want to help can offer support. When support has been delivered and benefits have been received, feedback is provided by both parties.

The Requests page gives our local communities a voice so they can communicate what specific resources are required and when and where they are needed.

The Offers page gives our suppliers, philanthropists and local businesses the opportunity to communicate how they can help our communities. Click here to download the guidance document

How do I register?

To register, click 'Sign up' on the top right-hand side of the screen. Complete the information required and submit your request to join the Surrey Social Value Marketplace.

You must read both the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before signing up.  Click here to read the Terms and Conditions of Use

Can I claim an offer of help or post a request for help if I am not based in Surrey?

The Surrey Social Value Marketplace is intended to secure benefits for residents and communities in the county of Surrey only.

You can claim an offer of help or post a request for help if you can evidence that a resident or community in Surrey will receive the benefits secured from the Social Value Marketplace.

Please note: You will be in breach of our terms and conditions if you claim an offer of help and/or post a request for help if you do not meet this criteria. If you have any further questions in relation to this please email the administrator social.value@surreycc.gov.uk

Can I post an offer of help or respond to a request for help if I am not based in Surrey?

Yes. Any organisation can post an offer of help or respond to a request for help even if they are not based in the county of Surrey.

The public sector in Surrey have a large number of suppliers that are based outside the county and these suppliers are welcome to use the Surrey Social Value Marketplace to identify social value commitments to include in tender submissions when bidding for contracts.

How can I offer or request help?

You need to register on the Surrey Social Value Marketplace in order to offer help, make a request or claim an offer. Once registered, you will be able to add a post on the offers or requests page and respond to the offers or requests that have been posted .

Click here to read more on how to get started

How can I claim an offer?

You will need to register before you can claim an offer.

If you want to claim an offer you must operate in the County of Surrey and be able to evidence that a resident or community in Surrey will receive the benefit. If you meet the criteria outlined in our Terms of Use, you can use the Surrey Social Value Marketplace to send a message to the organisation that posted the offer to let them know that you are interested.

The organisation that is making the offer will decide if they want to work with you and how much of their help they are willing to give to you.

Please note you will be in breach of our Terms and Conditions of Use if you claim an offer that does not benefit residents and communities in Surrey.

Can I refuse an offer of help and/or refuse a request to claim the offer of help I have posted?


Organisations that join the Surrey Social Value Marketplace can refuse and/or accept requests or offers.

The decisions regarding which organisations receive help is made only by the organisation that is offering the help.

Similarly, organisations do not have to accept the help that is offered.

What does "Days to go" mean?

When a request or offer is posted, it is listed on the Social Value Marketplace for 3 months before it expires. "Days to go" shows how many days are left before it needs to be updated, or re-posted.

All posts stay live for 3 months and are then archived in the account of the organisation that posted the request or offer.  

Is there a moderation process for new registrations and posts?


The Surrey Social Value Marketplace is managed by Surrey County Council. The administrator of the site:

a) Approves all requests to join the Marketplace

b) Approves all requests for and offers of help

c) Reviews all feedback submitted

If you require any support please email mailto:social.value@surreycc.gov.uk

Please allow a minimum of 72 hours for a response.

Will my email address receive unsolicited emails/spam?

You can set the frequency of the alerts you receive from this website in your account profile.

In addition there is a filter on this website to deter you from receiving unsolicited emails or spam, however there is no guarantee.

Please review our Privacy Notice for more information.

What happens if I forget my password?

You can reset your password using the "forgot my password" link on the Log In screen

Will I receive a reminder that my post is due to expire?

Yes, you will be reminded every three months.

However if you partially deliver your offer or your request is partially fulfilled you must update the fulfilment level of your post. It is your responsibility to ensure the information posted is correct and up to date at all times.  

I am not sure what to post?

Think about your need, what do you need help with or what can you offer - the Marketplace is a great place to connect businesses and organisations to work together to fulfil the needs of the community.

What makes a good post?

Clearly state what your need is and why you need it.  They say a picture tells a thousand words - include one in your post to really make it stand out.  

Contact Us

If you are unable to find the help you need online, please email us at social.value@surreycc.gov.uk.  Please allow up to 3 working days for a response.